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Digital Album: TranscenDance


Format: MP3 | Time: 52:47 | October 2011



Lewis David Levin – Musical Director

Lewis has an extensive musical background. He spent his early years performing and touring in Canada and Europe and performed with many well known recording artists of that time.

In the mid 80’s, he recorded an album of original music in Calgary’s renowned Thunder Road Studios. Included in the recording are many musicians from the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

He also was a regular in recordings studios, doing audio work for various corporations for 20 years.

The album “ TranscenDance” brings together Lewis’ musical experience with his passion, devotional chanting. All the of the chants on this album were penned by Paramahansa Yogananda, (1893-1952) who founded Self Realization Fellowship in the early 1920’s.

About the album

Devotional chants are unlike typical songs. The goal of a chant is to bring the chanter into a spiritual mood or vibration, so repetition is a key component. Chants need to be focused on the lyric as well. Any accompaniment should not detract from creating this spiritual nexus.

With this in mind, I set out to come up with unique arrangements that I hope will inspire and uplift the listener. At the very least, these wonderful chants will be calming and peace inducing.

The arrangements take into account my western roots. Chanting per se, does not usually incorporate harmony, but I must confess that I yearn to hear it. You will note that the chants start off rather simply, and gradually new layers are added to build the chant to a climax.

I have also endeavored to include non-traditional instruments. I do this as a matter of inspiration. I try to be open to what I feel will enhance the overall sound scape.

In “Door of My Heart” I have added an additional musical phrase, which I feel compliments the traditional melody. In “I Am The Bubble” I have also added additional musical phrases along with bagpipes, which I have heard astrally for years.

I do sincerely hope that you enjoy these renditions of these most sacred chants and that you find inspiration from them on your spiritual sadhana.

In divine friendship and love,
Lewis David Levin

Album Information

Format: MP3
Time: 52:47
October 2011

Song Samples

Dawn Chant Door of My Heart
Where is There Love Steal Away
Blue Lotus Feet Jai Guru
Spirit & Nature I am the Bubble

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