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Digital Album: Chela


Format: MP3 | Time: 54:53 | July 2014



Chela - Shakti Deva
In the Guru-disciple relationship, the chela is the blessed one where upon divine guidance and instruction is bestowed. The quest for enlightenment, indeed the ultimate destiny for us all, is the goal to which the chela employs his or her efforts. I thought this word encapsulated the spirit of this album perfectly.

In “Polestar” I once again felt the haunting sound of the bagpipes to be most appropriate. In Soul Call, I found a rhythm common to both musical phrases in the original composition from Paramahansa Yogananda. The end result is a smooth and gently flowing rendition of this devotional chant.

In my conversations with a number of devotees, I was requested to record Swami Ram Tirtha’s song. It is a powerful chant with a martial tone. I have accentuated the percussive elements in the arrangement to bring out its fiery nature.

One of the most challenging pieces, and one I am particularly moved by is “Divine Love Sorrows”. The original musical composition is from Fritz Kreisler.

Paramahansa Yogananda was so moved by the melody that he wrote lyrics to Kreisler’s music. The chant was recorded by Durga Ma, and accompanied by Dr. Lewis.

Lastly, I would just like to add a comment regarding “Thousands of Suns”. The arrangement and recording, I dedicate to the memory of my late wife Dianne. This was her favorite chant and I am blessed to be able to offer it to you.

Lewis David Levin
Music Director
Shakti Deva

Album Information

Format: MP3
Time: 50:00
July 2014

Song Samples

Polestar Ram Tirtha
Soul Call Thousands of Suns
Radhe Sham Ever New Joy
Oh Devotee Divine Love Sorrows

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