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CD: Reverence


Format: CD | Time: 54:53 | August 2013



Reverence - Shakti Deva

For album titles, I try to find a word … one word that encapsulates the feeling I want to express. For this album, my third in this genre, I chose “Reverence”. It speaks of profound devotion and adoration.

In this album, I have tried to simulate a live kirtan performance, although I will admit that live performances rarely achieve the musical perfection of a studio recording. The Divine expresses itself in many forms. All are valid. We acknowledge each aspect with “Reverence”. The joy I feel when listening to this album is palpable. I do hope it is for you as well.

The album is, for the most part, upbeat and energetic. I would even say enthusiastic!

A key part of kirtan music is the rhythm. I have endeavored to make these as compelling as I could. Overall, there is a good mix of up-tempo and slower more moderate pieces to balance the experience.

Lewis David Levin
Music Director

Album Information

Format: CD
Time: 54:53
August 2013

Song Samples

Satchitananda Guru Paramahansa Yogananda
Hare Krishna Hare Ram Cloud Colored Christ
Namo Namo Hey Bagavan
Bagavan Hare Hawaii Will Sing Thy Name

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