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CD: Moments in Between


Format: CD | Time: 37:44



Album Information

Moments In Between
It is said that when one has a calling, whatever it may be, that force is irresistible and must be pursued. And so it has been in the life of Lewis David Levin.

Lewis grew up in Montreal and had his first professional stage appearance at the age of 12. A recording contract, in his late teens catapulted Lewis into a world that would be with him to this day.
Lewis David Levin continued in his performance career and in his early 20s shared the stage with Ben Gazzara and Gino Vanelli in one of the top hot night clubs of that day … Dominique’s.

In the mid 80’s he recorded an album of original songs and lyrics entitled “Moments in Between”. On it was the Calgary Philharmonic string section and some of the days top studio musicians from Los Angeles. The album is world class even today. His music has been influenced by Neil Diamond and Christopher Cross.

The key driver in Lewis’ life is the pursuit of realization of the soul. To this end, he muses: “I wanted to write about that which I am most passionate. The lyrics can be taken as simple love songs, but in actuality, they are love songs to the divine, the feminine aspect of creation.”
“In the song “It Seems So Real’ I write about the seeming dichotomies of life that stare Sphinx like before us.”
“The song ‘Dreamin’ Our Whole Life Away’ refers to the dream nature of creation as espoused in eastern esoteric philosophy.”

“ ‘My Home in the Sky’ reflects an encounter with a higher being … a yogi … who directs the disciple on how to attain more profound levels of awareness.”

Lewis David Levin is writing and producing again; this time producing the sequal to MOMENTS which will be out shortly. Stay tuned!

Format: CD
Time: 37:44

Song Samples

Be in Your Heart Marginal Way
Cosmic Lady My Home in the Sky
Deep Down in My Heart We’ll Never be Blue
It Seems so Real We’re Dreamin’ Our Whole Life Away
Lift Me with Your Love You’re the One in Life

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