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Format: CD | Time: 50:18 | April 2015



AVATAR is a sanskit word that describes one who has reached the state of perfection and who has returned to mentor others in the ultimate divine quest. In this album, I have written pieces to some of those that are recognized to have this exalted stature: Babavan Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasay, Sri Yukeswar and Paramahansa Yogananda. I have also included a chant to Sri Daya Mata who was Yogananda’s close disciple and president of Self Realization Fellowship for decades.

The musical pieces are not pure chants. Nor are they songs. Rather, they are a fusion of both, owing to my western roots. By combining eastern instruments like tabla, tambura, sitar and ethnic flute along with western chord progressions and vocal harmonies, I have created my own brand of esoteric music.

In the course of writing this music, I was deeply moved and often transported to a different dimension. I could feel the divine power flowing through me with implicit blessings of deep attunement. My wish is to share this with you and my my sincere hope is that you will derive much spiritual inspiration from this music.

Aum Shanti
Lewis David Levin

Album Information

Format: CD
Time: 50:18
April 2015

Song Samples

Transcending Love Jai Guru Deva Ma
Shanti Babaji Om Daya Mata Jai Ma
Lahiri Mahasaya Aum Shanti
Sri Yukteswar Hare Om

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