Music and Lyrics: Lewis David Levin

Lead Vocal: Lewis David Levin

Various instruments: Lewis David Levin

Background Vocals: Taylar Wildman, Laurel Martel, Nancy Jackson

Guitars: Clayton Jeffery

Engineering, Arrangement & Production: L&L Production Group



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Tracks: 9
Time: 40.98
July 2016

Song Samples

Windsong Doorstep of Love
Bubble of Laughter Come My Way
It Makes Me Wonder Round We Go Again
Banat Banjai Wonderful You
You Got to Let It go


Shakti Deva - Avatar

AVATAR is a Sanskit word that describes one who has reached the state of perfection and who has returned to mentor others in the ultimate divine quest. In this album, I have written pieces to some of those that are recognized to have this exalted stature: Babavan Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasay, Sri Yukeswar and Paramahansa Yogananda.

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Available for purchase as a CD or MP3 download
Tracks: 8
Time: 50:18
April 2015

Song Samples

Transcending Love Jai Guru Deva Ma
Shanti Babaji Om Daya Mata Jai Ma
Lahiri Mahasaya Aum Shanti
Sri Yukteswar Hare Om


Chela - Shakti DevaIn the Guru-disciple relationship, the chela is the blessed one where upon divine guidance and instruction is bestowed. The quest for enlightenment, indeed the ultimate destiny for us all, is the goal to which the chela employs his or her efforts. I thought this word encapsulated the spirit of this album perfectly.
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Available for purchase as a CD or MP3 download
Format: CD
Time: 50:00
July 2014
Song Samples

Polestar Ram Tirtha
Soul Call Thousands of Suns
Radhe Sham Ever New Joy
Oh Devotee Divine Love Sorrows

Reverence – Album Information

Reverence - Shakti DevaFor album titles, I try to find a word … one word that encapsulates the feeling I want to express. For this album, my third in this genre, I chose “Reverence”. It speaks of profound devotion and adoration.

In this album, I have tried to simulate a live kirtan performance, although I will admit that live performances rarely achieve the musical perfection of a studio recording. The Divine expresses itself in many forms. All are valid. We acknowledge each aspect with “Reverence”. The joy I feel when listening to this album is palpable. I do hope it is for you as well.

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Available for purchase as a CD or MP3 download
Time: 54:53
August 2013

Song Samples

Satchitananda Guru Paramahansa Yogananda
Hare Krishna Hare Ram Cloud Colored Christ
Namo Namo Hey Bagavan
Bagavan Hare Hawaii Will Sing Thy Name

Invocation – Album Information

Invocation - Shakti DevaWhen searching for a title for this my second album, I wanted a word that encapsulated the entire span of my feelings. And so… “Invocation”. It is profound in its simplicity and complexity. Invocation implies reverence i.e. taking the name of a great saint and in uttering it, making every effort to attune through humility and deep respect, the vibrations emanating from that great soul.

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Available for purchase as a CD or MP3 download
Tracks: 8
Time: 55:54
August 2012

Song Samples

Listen Listen Listen When Thy Song Flows Through Me
Ram Bolo When My Dream’s Dream is Done
Wake Yet Wake Oh My Saint Hymn to Brahma
In Samadhi Gayatri Mantra

TranscenDance – Album Information

Transcendance - Shakti DevaDevotional chants are unlike typical songs. The goal of a chant is to bring the chanter into a spiritual mood or vibration, so repetition is a key component. Chants need to be focused on the lyric as well. Any accompaniment should not detract from creating this spiritual nexus.

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Available for purchase as a CD or MP3 download
Time: 52:47
Tracks: 8
October 2011

Song Samples

Dawn Chant Door of My Heart
Where is There Love Steal Away
Blue Lotus Feet Jai Guru
Spirit & Nature I am the Bubble

Moments in Between – Album Information

Moments In BetweenIt is said that when one has a calling, whatever it may be, that force is irresistible and must be pursued. And so it has been in the life of Lewis David Levin.

Lewis grew up in Montreal and had his first professional stage appearance at the age of 12. A recording contract, in his late teens catapulted Lewis into a world that would be with him to this day.

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Available for purchase as a CD or MP3 download
Tracks: 10
Time: 37:44

Song Samples

Be in Your Heart Marginal Way
Cosmic Lady My Home in the Sky
Deep Down in My Heart We’ll Never be Blue
It Seems so Real We’re Dreamin’ Our Whole Life Away
Lift Me with Your Love You’re the One in Life



Ivy my best friend offered to me your 2 CDs for our wedding anniversary! She couldn’t have picked up a better gift !!! We loooove your 2 CDs…and play them all the time at home and in our cars!

Thank you for bringing 2 master pieces CDs that open our hearts to feel God’s Joy through chanting!

It was a labor of love and this can be felt in your music!

Jai Guru,
Ginger de  Paris

I have been playing your latest CD alot and really enjoying it. It is very beautiful.


“I have to tell you that your new CD is really blessing me. There are parts of it that literally bring me to tears every time. I have it cranked up in the car and it really has uplifted me on the commute morning and night to work this week. Then all day long, various songs are going on in the background of my mind. Actually having a hard time concentrating this morning at work because I’m so blissed out.

The end of the Samadhi song is particularly, excruciatingly, beautiful.

The hindu one at the end of course takes me to another place which is hauntingly familiar. I really want to try to memorize the words in that song and become familiar with their meaning Right now the sound and vibration are blessing me out enough!

Such wonderful, valuable work you are all doing putting this beautiful devotional music down, to raise the vibration of the world. Must be blessing you all immeasureably in the process.”

Jai Guru!